My Community Friends

Features of the App

With the high rise buildings everywhere people have lost touch with each other. In big cities, people have started feeling alone. Smaller the population in a village/ town closer are the people. They talk to each other about their delights. They talk to each other about their problems. By helping each other they become friends.

As the villages become towns, as towns become cities, and as cities become metropolis people lose touch with each other. They start becoming aloof. This is not happening with older people but also with younger people. So many young people, even couples sitting next to each other keep on texting. They don’t care about their friend sitting next to them. They are “speaking” with their faraway friends.

As people get older it becomes more and more difficulty making friends. With age, they become more vulnerable to loneliness. They start getting depressed. They can’t tell their stories to anyone. They can’t hear stories of others.

Human beings are social animals. They like to be in the company of people they like. They want to spend time with people of similar interests. After getting to know each other they also like to listen to gossip in a hushed tone. Who has an affair with whom, who is going to marry whom, who is getting divorced? They want to live in a community where they have friends and can do social activities.


Members can search people from the community with common interests and can send friend requests to YIMI (“Your Interest My Interest YIMI”) members of the community providing a physical distance between their residences either in miles or in kilometres.


The App provides Chat option to start communication between the members.

Nearby Places

The app provides an option to search nearby places to get together such as cafes, restaurants, museums, movie theatres. Members can select locations nearby to their residences.

Share Nearby Places

The app provides an option to share the nearby places’ details with friends so that the friends can meet for socializing and at the same time cultivating their hobbies.

The App collects information about registered members first name, middle name (optional), last name, and date of birth, gender, an email ID (if available), mobile tel. number, and residence address.

The member can select interests from the interest list such as watching movies, reading books, visiting museums, walking, visiting fitness centres, cooking, golfing and so on.

If a member has an interest which is not in the existing list the person can expand the Interest list.