Atre Group Apps + Data Analytics Engine = Your Business Growth


We have been working with data for decades. We designed the FBI database. We have worked with Citibank, Coca-Cola, The World Bank, Procter& Gamble, Bell Labs, Microsoft, U.S. Navy, DOW, Chevron, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, UPS, Pfizer – just to name a few. We can help you in decision making by increasing operational efficiency by having the data when you need it. We can show you many ways of operating with your data.

  • You can continue entering the data the way you have been       doing so far.               OR
  • You can use mobile phones from the road, or in the offices       using our apps. We can develop the apps for you. We can       also show you how your staff can develop them. We can       show you how you can look at your data on the road to be       able to make decisions on the spot. We will help you to       increase the operational efficiency by a number of       magnitudes.
  • Business users can have the graphs and charts on their       mobile phones, or on any media, they are used to including       printed papers. Data visualization will be a norm than an       exception.
  • Self-service analytics will be a loved feature by your users.
  • We can show you how we have built apps and databases for the       good of the communities called “My Community”. That is the       proof of our concept. We enter data using mobile phones with       our apps, we expand our databases, and we can retrieve the data       from our databases for performing data analytics with mobile       phones with apps. We can replicate it for your business. We       would not have approached you unless we have had       implemented ourselves how we can assist you in growing your       business.
  • We will assist you side by side to:
    • Improve your decision making
    • Improve your “Just In Time” purchasing of goods for your       manufacturing
    • Optimize your operations
    • Increase your customer participation in suggestions for       improvement
    • Accelerate your bringing products to the market before       your competitors
  • You have been running your business successfully without       these tools. But you want to grow by a number of       magnitudes. We can help you to just do that. We can show       you how you can leverage integrated, pre-built advanced       analytics with your data. You want to serve more data to       more users and increase your sales.

We Can Do It Together